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Additional Information on the Celtic Meadow Essential Oil Blends

Celtic Meadow Proprietary Essential Oil Blends came about when we realized that we needed some sort of enhancement when we first started to create New Wave Therapy. The enhancement that was needed was to get a stronger and more direct response from the use of Low-Level Light Technology.

We looked to the area of Essential Oils mainly from past experiences and the success that we had seen when used with people. We also knew that we had to have a better understanding of how Essential Oils related to their use with animals and horses in general. At that point in time, we enrolled in a program that not only instructed us about Essential Oils themselves but introduced us to the techniques of blending Essential Oils to be able to receive a much stronger result.

New Wave Therapy went through a period of testing our initial blends to create the specific line that we presently have and use in the field each and every day.

Our Celtic Meadow Proprietary Essential Oil Blends are a cornerstone of New Wave Therapy and enhance all of our other protocols, such as Equine Trigger Point Protocol, Equine Low-Level Light Technology, and Equine Stone Protocol.