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Over the years I have been able to learn to help horses that have had specific foot and leg problems, it has been an ongoing learning process that has yielded many happy horses and just as many satisfied owners. I have always stressed the need for the horse to be comfortable and sound. There is no middle of the road here, pain is pain and comfort is comfort.


A Thoroughbred gelding with underslung heels, sheared heels, poor balance, and overall inadequate shoeing.


A Morgan stallion with excessive flaring to the sides of his feet -- he has gone a length of time without shoes and his feet did spread out quite a bit. We have been working on his feet now for a period of time and we are in the middle of the program with him.


This horse was placed in this section to show what are the results of inadequate care to the feet. "Trigger" does not get the regular foot care that a horse deserves. What needs to be realized is what happens when the owner takes this route with their horse.


A Thoroughbred gelding that has been raced on the race tracks in California. He has now retired from the track and is being readied for a life of pleasure riding. The problem is that a "gravel" has developed into a "quarter crack" as well as his foot has become out of balance.



A Tennessee Walking Horse that has been shown at various levels of the show world. He is shod both flat and light for the show ring. In the past his foot care has been on a regular basis, he is a horse that has done very well in the show ring, but the trainer has felt that the horse had more inside of him to give, but it was never able to be released. What was hoped for here was the ability of the horse to totally relax and let that last bit out so that he might get to even a higher realization of his talent.



A Paint Horse also is a show horse that has had quite an extensive career with many wins but has a nagging problem with both front feet, he has a re-occurring problem with "quarter cracks" in both of his front feet. Although, "Ranger" has never shown pain or tenderness to this problem it can lead to many additional and serious problems both internally and externally with any and all feet that have this particular problem. Due to the demands of the show ring, this is an all to a common problem today.


A mare that had one foot longer than the other and could not get around very well for quite a period of time.


A gelding that I have been shoeing for some time, close to a year and I have not been able to get a good growth of heel under the left front foot. There is also a slight problem with the right front foot as well.


A broodmare that has a tendency to wear her toes excessively and has always had a balance problem that has lead to lameness issues. Here I added a 1/2 or toe shoe to help her along.


A 20-year-old Arabian gelding that has suffered from acute founder and has a severe rotation of the coffin bone. I had shod him two times with some degree of success; at that time the decision was made to perform a "Deep Digital Flexor Tenotomy" to give him additional relief. The field surgery was performed by Dr. David Valcheck, DVM.

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