More on Optimum Health 
Our Optimum Health program has you receiving, no matter which length of program you chose; be it  6 months or even our 12-month subscription:
  • Optimum Health is what is right for your body, it allows your body to level out where it needs to be. It allows your body to dictate what is best for it to be; not what others want you to believe what your weight should be or how you should look.
  • You will receive one of our branded Celtic Meadow 100% Pure Premium Essential Oils every month, shipped on the 15th of each month.
  • The second part of the entire program is that you are to have a 10% reduction on all other products contained on the site as a member.
  • One other important part of the entire program is the specialty products that will actually guide you to a more healthy lifestyle.
  • The entire program is a natural Herbal-based nutritional guideline allowing you both flexibility and control over what you want to accomplish.
  • An important part of this section is the selected blog posts and downloads that act as a mentoring program to choose the right path for you.
  • It's a journey that the entire family can accomplish together.
A Word About Our Selection of Country Doctor Herbals and Their Quality


All of the products contained within the "Country Doctor" portion of the Optimum Health program have been created by Country Doctor Supplements of Cheyenne, WY. These high-quality practitioner-grade products have a successful history of over twenty years of clinical usage and during that time they have been available only through authorized practitioners that have been properly vetted by Country Doctor. These are not the type of supplements that you can to go down to the local health food store and purchase off the shelf.

Having been associated with Country Doctor since its inception and have watched the care taken in the development and manufacture of each and every specific supplement that has been created. The very fact that these supplements are being held to FDA standards says a lot for the concerns of the company involved.

Not only have I watched and monitored the results that have been accomplished; but I and members of my family have taken these supplements receiving the results that we were looking for.

It is with total confidence and belief in the Country Doctor Supplement line being the main reasons that they were chosen over all others. I Personably believing that these supplements will greatly enhance and strengthen the very positive results that you are looking for from our protocol programs.