Since I was already a board-certified holistic practitioner there was a set of basic principles that I had already determined to follow and continued to do so when we established 'New Wave Therapy'. These basic principles are ones that all practitioners need to follow when working with any client and in any situation, and they are:


1. DO NO HARM. Utilize methods that minimize the risk of harmful side effects. Avoid harmful suppression of initial symptoms. Use the least amount of force.

2. TREAT THE WHOLE HORSE. Use understanding as well as any limitations, physical and mental state, and environmental and social conditions. Acknowledge and respect the client’s mental state.

3. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE. “Say what you mean and mean what you say”. Be clear in body language, voice, and gesture. Listen to what your client is communicating to you. Communicate fully and honestly with horse professionals and/or owners.

4. EDUCATE/PARTICIPATE. Owners gain confidence and trust in their practitioners when they understand behavior, social structure and health requirements. Clients gain trust and confidence in their practitioner when his/her participation in the program results in improved skills and healthier communication between both.

5. PREVENTION. Establish and maintain a wellness program that includes nutrition, exercise, social interaction, and positive reinforcement.


With these basic guidelines established both clients and practitioners start to progress through the areas of understanding, development, trust and shared experiences at a very astounding rate of progression. The entire program was a development of a “building block” of steps that allowed both the client and the practitioner to progress up the steps and achieving a much higher level of understanding and thus forging stronger and more solid relationships. Relationships that are built friendships in a manner that allowed complete and total inter-exchange of communication.