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The New Wave Story

       from a dream to reality...       

New Wave Therapy was created in the summer of 2015 when we were looking for a better method of managing the pain that my wife was suffering from her TMJ problem. This was a life-long struggle that had been plaguing her since her childhood. We had tried many different conventional methods that did not give her the level of relief that she was looking for.

It was at this time that I took my wife to see my cousin; a board-certified traditional naturopath and he introduced us to light therapy. It was the best result that she had ever received to relieve the pain from her TMJ problem. It was at that time that I started to really look at light therapy and see what other areas might be beneficial for its use. After all, if it worked that well on my wife’s TMJ problem it had to be able to help other people with other problems as well.

Here is where we started to research all of the available information and the various types and styles of light therapy units. What I found was that for what the people were paying for the information and the quality of the light therapy devices; they were not really getting their money’s worth. Most items were way over-priced and the companies, at that time, didn’t have a quality business platform, there was a great lack of information, and even out and out leading the consumer down a long and complicated path.

After discovering those facts we decided to look into the creation of the line of products that have since become the “New Wave Therapy” line of light therapy devices, and once that we had the line initially started you knew we had to do field trials. The field trials have lasted over five years and have had very positive results. We found what worked for people, also worked for horses, dogs, cats, and other pets as well. In fact, we discovered that if a subject that was chosen for light therapy had soft tissue, muscle, blood, and bone they were the ideal subject to benefit from light therapy.

Well ……. There you have it the five-year journey in a nutshell. We continue to look for products that will help people with all types and kinds of problems that can be benefited through the use of light therapy.

As time progressed we started to realize that there was a need to cover additional topics that pertained to people. That is when we started to create more and more human nutritional information topics. It was this action that leads to my wife (Bertha) creating the healthy cookbook that she had been wanting to create for so long as well as additional nutritional books that are presently in the works. Looking more closely at human nutrition has pointed us in a direction that will allow us to expand into our own branded line of high-quality supplements that are the "Best of the Breed". In addition, we are also handling herbal-based products that are not only natural but work the way that they are supposed to; and that is to give the results that you are looking for.

We both want to thank you for dropping by, spending your time here, hopefully going through our site, and even having us answer any questions you might have about the use of any of our products.

New Wave Therapy is an alternative practitioner-based site that has e-commerce available to aid in your personal quest for an optimumhealth lifestyle.