Blue Light and Red Light as They Pertain to Acne Skin Care

It is all over the internet, the use of low level light therapy for this problem and for that problem; in fact, just about every problem. The fact of the matter, for the most part, there is more truth than fiction.

What I want to cover with this post is the use of BLUE LIGHT as a protocol for acne problems. First, I want to start with a few known medical facts:

  • The blue light that you can see does kill the bacteria that causes acne,

  • The completion of three blue light sessions can kill close to 99.99% of all surface bacteria causing acne, as long as the light can reach it. There are certain strains of this bacteria that live deeper down in the pores,

  • Once the acne affected area is treated with a BLUE LIGHT a second pass with a RED LIGHT can shrink the sebaceous glands that are known to produce the oil that does clog the pores,

  • When only the light therapy is used it does not properly treat the cause of the problem, but only the blemishes and pimples that are present,

  • The use of a complete and acne care protocol in addition to the BLUE and RED LIGHT sessions will be the true answer to get a handle on your specific acne problem.

Now we need to tackle the problem that is at the forefront, bacteria, and how the process of killing the acne leads to the control of acne problems. The most misunderstood part of the process of killing bacteria is that most people feel that once killed, bacteria is gone; but, that is only part of the total picture. There is the fact that pores of the skin are actually sitting right on top of the glands (sebaceous) that produce oil and even though they do help to soften your skin they also help in the transportation of dead skin cells. This transportation starts at the bottom of the pore and are then pushed upward to the surface of the skin to be removed.

What in actually happens is that many times too many skin cells try to move out of the pore at the same time and the pore becomes blocked and then clog the pore. It is at this point that excessive oil can build up and this is when acne bacteria get locked inside of the pore. It is at this point that a pimple pops up providing the bacteria an escape route; although many pimples are taken care of by the body’s immune system; in certain cases just as many survive and create an additional pimple.

So understanding that killing bacteria is beneficial to the entire process it also needs to be understood just killing bacteria does nothing to stop the production of excess oil or even help to repair the skin. This is why it is necessary to have a solid and well established protocol to cover all aspects of acne management.

It is the Blue Light That Actually Kills the Bacteria ……

The bacteria that is specific to acne has been proven to be killed by visible blue light and does so by breaking down the initial membrane of the bacteria and eliminating it.

It is the Red Light That Penetrates and Soothes ….

As it has already been determined that BLUE LIGHT has an immediate effect on pimples it also has a long-term effect on keeping whiteheads and blackheads by keeping them from getting worse. When the RED LIGHT is added to the entire protocol additional corrections can be realized due to the deeper penetration of the RED LIGHT into the base area of the oil gland, and by proper use, shrink the gland and reduce the oil production.

Our Protocol is Complete and Effective …..

Our protocol for acne includes:

  • Use of Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, both aromatherapy and topical method,

  • Use of BLUE LIGHT and RED LIGHT Sessions,

  • Use of Proprietary Cream infused with Proprietary Essential Oil Blends,

  • Use of Herbal-based Supplements to start a "Two-Prong Attack"

  • Proper follow-up and long-term client care to maximize results.

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