Dealing With Warts

Appearance: raised gray or pink cauliflower-like growths that are usually fairly small, not much bigger than peas. They may appear singly or in clusters, most commonly on the muzzle or around the eyes but also occasionally on the ears, genitals and lower legs. The growths do not appear to cause any pain or discomfort.

Causes: Warts are caused by the equine papillomavirus, an organism that can survive on skin, equipment and structures for weeks. Younger horses, under 3 years of age, are more susceptible, although warts can appear in adults.

Do I need to treat it? No. The warts are harmless, unless they are inhibiting the horse from eating, blinking or moving or they are interfering with tack.

Protocol: Left alone, the warts typically shrink and disappear, leaving no scars, over the course of about four months as the young horse's immune system develops. They are likely to persist for a year or more when they appear in older horses. Essential Oils that stimulate immunity may also be helpful.

Prevention: Isolate affected horses from others, especially younger ones. Disinfect any shared tack or equipment.

Warts are viral based and need to be treated as such; after the basic Red Light Treatment there need to be an additional Blue Light Treatment specifically for Viral Infections. Once that all Light Treatments are completed and Essential Oils are also used the administering of a herbal based salve specifically designed for treatment of viral problems is to be applied two to three times a day during and after the specified treatment period.

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