More on the Causes of Laminitis

Laminitis can also happen after any type of infection and can be of any grade of severity. One point to remember is to make sure that the placenta that encases the foal be fully expelled from the mare in a timely manner after the birth of the foal. If this placenta is not expelled in a timely manner it could cause the acid and endotoxins to become active and start the initial process of laminitis.

The constant working of a horse on too hard a ground for too long a period of time is a condition that comes into view when the horse is unaccustomed to working in such an environment.

Going onto the factor of the hormonal changes is another area that is not totally understood. It is known that mares that are referred to as “broodmares” do have more of a tendency to have this condition seem to retard the symptoms that show the initial stages of laminitis, while mares that are allowed to cycle on a more regular basis have the ability to show the initial signs of the condition.

The factor of the “viral reaction” can be caused due to the elevated body temperature thus leading to the initial stages of laminitis. In cases where this happens the initial stages of the laminitis have appeared about two to three weeks after the horse has had the viral condition. This is the situation that will leave the ridges or “fever rings” on the hoof wall. Anyone that has had to deal with this type of condition (fever rings) can tell the basic health history of the horse they are looking at through the road map left from the fever rings.

If a horse has received high amounts, or even smaller amounts over a long period of time, of corticosteroids the horse has a high possibility to suffer from laminitis.

Additional information on Laminitis and what it is, what can cause its various stages, the responsibilities of the owner and the farrier as well as the treatments available. So, let's hear your thoughts.......

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