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A Horse Needs to Move on

When I say a horse needs to move on I am talking about “finishing a horse”.

First and foremost, years ago there use to be two main types of trainers – those that started horses and those that finished horses. The people who started horse, did just that, they started horses and got them introduced to being ridden by people and that type of trainer could take a horse just so far. Once that they reached that point they them turned the horse over to someone who could move the horse past the basics and start the finishing process. During that time frame, from start the horse to being finished there was a period of close to two years.

Looking at the changes that have happened over the last few decades, in the horse business, I have seen many different people showing the aspects of starting horse and then never going past that point – let alone getting to the point of a truly finished horse. This pertains to both English and western disciplines.

What I want you to realize is what it actually takes to get have a finished horse. The kind of horse that could be found in the past is so hard to find today.

In my next post I will start to explain the basics that are required of the rider to even be able to move a started horse into the program of becoming finished.

Have you any thoughts?...

Until next time “Ride for the Brand”.

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