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About Our Light Therapy Devices

The lights that we use are of the finest quality that we could find and when we found them we tested them for a period of time to make sure that they would be able to stand up to the rigors of field work around animals, horses in general.


Remember! Never look directly into any of our powerful light therapy devices. With regards to the Infrared light that is not visible to the human eye, it is acceptable to look at an angle and you will see that each LED has a red center, and that is how you will know that the device is on.


However, even with Infrared light never look directly into the light.


RED 660nm: The most widely used and our most popular of all our phototherapy lights. Effective for increasing blood flow, pain management, wound and bruise healing, improvements in the texture and feel of the skin. The latest scientific news also demonstrates improved collagen production.


BLUE 450nm: Improves the surface of the skin. Widely used in controlling acne and oil production, as well as helping to relieve surface conditions of the skin like fungus, bacteria, various insect bites or stings, and other various forms of rashes or skin irritations.


GREEN 530nm: This color promotes harmony, balance, rest, refreshment, restoration, reassurance, awareness, equilibrium, and peace. This color is best used with rescued horses that have abandonment issues as well as mares that are in full cycle.


INFRARED 850nm: The most powerful healing device of all phototherapy devices. Penetrates deeply into the skin to quickly increase cellular activity and improve blood flow around the applied area. This specific wavelength of Infrared has also been shown to increase nitric oxide, which has a major impact on wound and bruise healing.


The therapy devices that we have chosen to use on a daily basis are the same one that you can purchase directly from us for your own personal use. We provide instructions as to their use and care and back them up with a one-year guarantee.

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