Bad Behavior is Trying to Tell You Something

I have done many different types of posts in the past that have related to many different subjects — but, I now feel that there is a real need to look at what has been called “bad behavior” …

Bad behavior in horses is usually an indicator that there is a problem — maybe not one that you have created — although it could be that you may have and not even realized what you did do. In any case, if you have a behavior problem with your horse you need to first be able to understand that there is a problem that needs to be addressed, you then have to comprehend that the horse is also trying to tell you what the problem is. So, we now have a problem and what to do about it? This is where understanding that there is a right way and a wrong way to handle the situation starts to set in. How it is handles at this point is entirely up to you, the initial choice that you make at this point is the one that determines the outcome of the entire situation.

This is what I want to be able to guide you through, choices. Making sure that you understand what the choices are and how they will affect the entire outcome. I will also give you some guidelines to follow that will help to keep both you and the horse safe — I have labeled them the “Ten Commandments of Ground Handling” and since I am an energy healing person I will also give you some steps to follow to make sure that you are grounding yourself so that you can be both relaxed and in charge of the situation.

There will also be some basic skills that are necessary to have your horse understand what you are trying to relate to them and how to make sure that the horse is receiving them correctly. I will also cover and explain some of the most widely used “tools of the trade” that are used in ground handling situations.

I do hope that you will reply to the post as they are put up, after all; if you don’t ask questions and get involved I don’t know what I am helping you with and what I am not. It all revolves around the relationship that you develop on the ground with your horse. Let’s face it, tThe better the ground relationship, the better the entire relationship.

Any comments?.....

So until next time, “Ride for the Brand


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