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Bite-Size Chunks…

This is a classic.

When you try to do too much too soon.

Now if you’re one of those people who can take orders and follow them to the letter, then by all means go straight ahead and try to do everyone in one go.

But for the vast majority (and I hold both hands up here) we are creatures of habit and while some folk can turn it on and go from bad to good overnight most of us can’t.

And “Yes” I know you want results fast but this is not about a week or a month of Clean Eating.

This is about making Clean Eating your #1 choice of eating. It’s about re-writing old eating habits permanently so you can effortlessly lose and keep excess weight off. When you Eat Clean, you’ll discover you can eat more than you did when you weren’t dieting because you’ll be avoiding all the high-calorie, low nutrient (the empty calorie foods).

The harsh reality is it is hard to focus on multiple habits and be successful at them all, forever.

What usually happens is people try too hard, burn out, get bored and go back to their old ways.

This is about learning to rewire the way you think about food and change your mind, body, and taste buds, permanently.

The easiest way to do this and the best way to stack the odds of success in your favor is by focusing on one habit at a time.

And when you stumble or if you fall (you will have bad days) then refuse to give in.

Look in the mirror.

Look at your physique and remind yourself of the real reason why you are trying to change.

It will help you overcome those moments of weakness when you’re about to raid the fridge late at night and it will help you focus on the single habit until it’s as natural as brushing your teeth morning and night.

How long it takes to create a new habit can be anything from 21 to 28 days so really you should only add a new habit every 21 days minimum but use your discretion. Some habits are harder than others to change. So, if it’s an easy one for you do it for 7 days and see what happens. If it’s a big one, then try it for longer.

To give you an example it took me close to 2 years of trying to completely curb my sugar addiction. It started with cutting my sugar in half. Then I replaced it with honey. And now, to make sure I’m never tempted, there is no sugar in my home.

Some habits might take even longer but you can chip away at them.

If you want to remove sugar from your diet it might start with swapping a sugar-coated cereal to oats with sugar. Then oats with honey or raisins and then gradually wean yourself off.

That’s three habits and could take three months if you’re a real sugar addict but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is the end goal. If you’ve another 40 years on the clock (hopefully) then what’s three months to change a habit you will benefit from for years and hopefully decades.

While changing a habit of drinking 1 glass of water per day to 8 glasses might be super simple to tackle.

The good news is this will increase your self-discipline and make future habits easier and easier to change.

In the beginning, you might have a dozen or so you are trying to change but even if you change just doing one a month, by the end of the year you’ve tackled them all.


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