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Bulk Cooking

If the thought of cooking the night before or early in the morning destroys your spirit (or you don’t think you’ll have the energy to cook when the time comes) bulk cooking is easy, super convenient, and very cost-effective.

All you do is plan your meals and cook them in bulk on the weekends.

Instead of spending 30 minutes every day you devote 2 hours or so on a Sunday and cook a massive batch of beef chili (cooked from scratch with real ingredients) and freeze it for the week ahead.

Then it’s easy to throw together a few salad leaves, a couple of tomatoes, and a dash of pepper into a box before you leave for work.

It’s very simple.

Even if you prefer to cook the night before or in the morning, it’s not a bad idea to have an emergency supply of bulk cooked food in your freezer ready to go.

Maybe you have a heavy training session one night and sleep in, maybe you wake up with zero motivation or maybe you feel like throwing in the towel and going back to eating junk (a decision you will regret) an emergency supply of bulk cooked food is handy.

Bulk-cooked food is both a practical strategy and a useful way to tackle emergencies where you need food fast and have no time to prepare.

I like this quote:

“Remember to do things today, your future self will thank you for!”

Sometimes bad things happen.

Hurdles will get in the way.

Bulk food is one way to tackle the hurdle of having no time but there are many others.


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