Continuing on the Fear Factor

The next point that you need to understand that the fear that is in the mind of the rider is transferable to the horse through the use of body language. There are times that the horse shows much more compassion to man than man shows towards the horse, there are also times that the horse will not venture into territory that it does know is unsafe, but mankind has to show its superiority and venture in and then have to confront the situation that they have created. Now, who is the higher species in such a case? This shows that we do help to create a lot of the problems that we have to face when it comes to working with horses.

The rider can learn quite a bit from just watching and noting a horse’s reaction and their response to any situation that they do come up against on a daily basis. You can buy all of the books you want on the behavior of the horse but you will never learn as much as you taking the time to observe and learn from the horse in their natural settings. Take the time to watch them in the field, both alone and within the herd atmosphere. What a horse does on their own is quite a bit different from what a horse will do interacting with other members of their accepted herd. Remember, the number one goal is to become a totally accepted member of your horse’s herd.

What are your thoughts?.....

So, until next time, “Ride for the Brand”.


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