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Continuing to Help the Horse to Move on

To continue from the previous post I want to continue with “A Horse Needs to Move on”.

So how does a horse become finished? Well, it all starts with the rider and what they project to the horse on a very structured basis, and once that the rider has the commitment that they want to have a finished horse, creating one comes very naturally from the trust and confidence that the rider projects allowing the horse to pick those very things from the rider.

A finished horse starts with;


1. A complete and working knowledge of the five categories of bits and their correct usage,

2. The understanding and correct usage of hands and the principle of contact,

3. The proper placement of your feet,

4. The proper usage of your leg and its overall function,

5. Proper use of your body and the correct signals that need to be sent to the horse through contact in the area of the back,

6. The correct mental projection of the rider, and

7. The attitude of the rider during the whole process.


The one thing that most riders go through is fear and when you do not know how to control that fear and allow it to overtake either the horse or the rider it becomes a great danger to both. Understand that the horse will get its confidence from the rider; consequently, it will also have fear relayed to it in the same manner. That is why it is very important for the rider to be in control of their emotions at all times when on the back of a horse, and that ability comes from education, knowledge, and experience.

It is like any pressure-filled job, there are times that when the pressure is on that training and experience have to become second nature and automatic in response to any one particular situation as it arises.

Here is where you add your thoughts.....

Until next time, “Ride for the Brand”.


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