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Give Yourself Permission to Suck

You have permission to suck.

By that I mean you have permission to fail, fall flat on your face and make mistakes.

This is super-important because it takes the pressure off you. Remember, you’re a human and humans make mistakes.

Plus changing old habits initially is tough and it takes discipline.

But the real reason this is so important is that we’re often so scared of failing, we fail to start! Maybe you’re too scared to try because you might yourself down, then you feel bad and what will other people say?

This (from a black and white, logical perspective) is crazy.

Give yourself permission to suck!

Take the pressure off yourself and know that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

A word of pessimistic warning.

The food industry is against you and their marketing will try to convince you how their products are the best fat loss solution. From shakes and pills to gadgets exercise programs.

Their marketing is smart and designed to push emotional buttons. They will make it hard for you.

Plus, you’ll have friends who are against you. They’re probably not against you but they might be scared that you will change, look better, feel happier, and have more confidence. They’re just scared they might lose the new you and (maybe unconsciously) try to hold you back.

And some people will just be jealous. These are the haters and “Haters are gonna hate!” regardless of what you do.

They’ll ask what’s your secret is and when you tell them it’s just Clean Eating, they won’t believe you because they’ll think you’re keeping it to yourself. Shame on them!

I had a friend who started preparing lunches in the morning and bringing them to the construction sites he worked on.

Initially, everyone laughed at him. He was eating chicken and vegetables and they were eating bacon sandwiches for breakfast and dining on fast food for lunch. While his colleagues laughed and put on weight, he got leaner and looked better too.

He sucked up the verbal abuse and a few months later his co-workers started asking his advice and started preparing their lunches too.

He had started a trend.

By refusing to listen and by laughing off their criticisms he did what they were secretly hoping to do and changed his body.

He took his health more seriously than he did their jokes and criticisms.

My point is this.

Don’t be scared of failure and don’t be scared of what others might think if you fail.

Of course, you’re going to do your best to Eat Clean and you’re going to do this 80 - 90% of the time.

And when you have a bad day and fall off the wagon or go a bit crazy at a party and overdo it.

Forget about it. That’s not failure it’s just a bad day.

You pick yourself up, dust yourself down. You make a note of where it all went wrong and learn from it. You forgive yourself and try not to make the same mistake next time.

And when people around you ask “Have you quit that diet yet?” or condescendingly say “Oh, you’re still doing that?” ignore them. Don’t let them control you and don’t let a fear of failure (as they secretly hope you do fail so they can feel better about their lives and terrible diets) hold you back.

Ignore them and remember you’re doing this for you, not for them.

If things go wrong. If you buckle at the knees and go crazy and binge eat.

Don’t worry because you’ve permitted yourself to suck.

Just get back up as quick as you can; just dust yourself off and get back on the Clean Eating wagon as quickly as you can.


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