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Improving One Meal at a Time

There is an overlap here with changing one habit at a time.

You might decide you’re going to eliminate sugar from your diet. That’s the habit but you could use that and simultaneously work on one meal at a time too.

For example, if you love sugary cereal for breakfast and want to make the change to oats for breakfast your sweet tooth might cause you to buckle pretty soon. So you could add honey to sweeten your oats to help you make the transition.

Now you are eating higher quality carbohydrates and have swapped refined sugar to something a little more natural.

Then over time you reduce the honey or start to replace it with a few slices of banana before weaning yourself off sweet stuff altogether.

Now you are working on changing one habit (removing sugar throughout the entire day) with one meal (replacing cereal with oats).

You might decide to increase your water intake and perfect your breakfast at the same time without any changes to your lunch and evening meals other than the fact that you’ll be drinking more water alongside them.

Or you might decide to just focus on your breakfast.

Get that right and then move on to lunch.

This is where you need to use your discretion and make a judgment call on how much you can handle at one time successfully. This is also where you have to permit yourself to suck because it’s common for us to overestimate our self-discipline initially and end up trying too much too soon.

Only you can decide how much is too much, but less is often more.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint and collectively this is a life-changer.

If you decide to focus on changing one meal at a time you might start by replacing your usual breakfast with scrambled egg and a portion of fruit. Now instead of wheat, sugar, and milk, you have protein, fats, and carbohydrates with a healthy mix of micro-nutrients thrown in.

This is a more balanced start to the day with all three macro-nutrients and loaded with calories that provide lots of nutrients and nourishment.

If you can do this and it comes easy to you over the next 7 days, implement a new habit or start changing a different meal.

Success here starts with having the right foods stocked in advance and you have the foods you intend to eat in your kitchen ahead of time and give yourself time top.

Remember this all starts with shopping for your food in advance, having it to hand in your kitchen, and giving yourself the time to prepare it.

This effort IS worth it!


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