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Jumping Hurdles and Staying On Track

Sometimes, life gets in the way...

A busy week, a tough day, or a dark moment where life is getting you down.

We all have them and - to be frank — like is a grind.

But that is a good thing.

If life was easy everyone would be rich, famous, ripped, skinny, lean, and living the dream.

What makes you different and what sets you apart is that you’re a go-getter. I know that because by investing time into reading this you’re already one step ahead of the pack. You’re arming yourself with the knowledge to do something about it.

Instead of drowning yourself in another hot chocolate and complaining about losing fat, you’re investing your time.

While everyone else passes the buck and blames their excess luggage on being big-boned you’re arming yourself with real knowledge that will make a difference.

The first step is knowing what to eat and what not to eat.

The second step and the real difference between success and failure are not knowing what to eat and what not to eat, it’s knowing what to do when things go wrong and you’re one step from falling off the wagon and picking up those old, bad habits again.

That’s what this blog is all about.

The secret to success is having a plan, understanding where it might go wrong, and being ready for it.

Because then you can plan for the bad days and get back on the wagon quick, sharp without a week or month (and several pounds) passing you by.

It’s these little hurdles that destroy the dreams of so many.

Over the next few blogs, you’re going to learn simple tips to keep you focused and on track, as well as learning what to do when things go wrong (including that party where you ate the entire buffet and drank the bar dry)!


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