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Looking at the Hoof Care

Should All Hoof Care People Serve an Apprenticeship?


Back at the start of the Industrial Revolution the Blacksmith trade worked itself out of existence. They were the ones that initially made the machines and equipment that became the downfall of their trade as the rest of the country expanded and progressed.


That is what is about to happen to the last small corner of the Blacksmith trade known as the Farrier trade and the only thing that is putting the farrier trade out of business is its own lack of knowledge.


This lack of knowledge has come from the fact that many of the great and knowledgeable farriers that have left the trade and in the process have created a void within the area of education that was the very foundation of the entire trade. This void has created then expanded into a lack of knowledge and finally into the area of lack of experience all of which were passed onto the next generation of great farriers.


It is up to the remaining few people that understand that the farrier trade can not only be saved, but brought back to the high standards that were the norm rather than having to accept what we now know as average.


The trade; and yes, it is a trade and not a profession, needs to learn to change and adapt to be able to progress. That is what I have done for many years and I have progressed as the entire horse industry grew and expanded.


So, if it is to change – how is it to change? The trade has to take a step back in time in order to progress into and through the 21st century. I do believe that it is time for the trade to go back to a structured apprenticeship program and take the necessary time to become educated, gather the knowledge and gain the experience that is presently lacking in the trade as a whole and it has to be done in a manner that is good for the entire horse industry, the apprentice, the horse owner, the horse and the farrier trade itself.

What are your thought on this topic?....

Until next time, “Ride for the Brand”.



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