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Looking to Create an Online Class

We have started receiving a lot of information from various people who would be interested in us creating an online training program on how New Wave Therapy uses light therapy.

We have planned to come forward with such a program, but it has always gotten pushed back burner. So, with the recent increase in interest in such a program, we have decided to take to social media and see if there would be enough response to us moving forward with the increased interest.

So here in lies the question ...... "Is there enough interest out in the general public to offer such a course?" Here is where you come into play by answering that question by letting us know if you would be willing to be involved in such a course. Let us know, either way ...... answer a long dangling question here in the office and we will be able to put it to bed ..... one way or the other.

The course outline would be divided into a total of 3 classes with anywhere from 6 to 12 modules per class. Classes would range from $125 to $500 per class. Included would be the basics of light therapy, using specific devices, and specific protocols (for both people and pets).

There it is, the big question that we need your input with.


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