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New Wave Therapy Standard Protocol

The New Wave Equine Therapy Standard protocol works on a three-day cycle, and those cycles are:


1) The Reaction Phase; This phase occurs on the day that the session is completed and allows us to access the horse’s natural healing powers by working with the autonomic nervous system; this is accomplished by allowing it to drop toward repair and renewal. This happens on day one.


2) The Regeneration Phase; On day two the benefits of day one start to occur through the repair of nerve connections to any of the affected areas. At this time any type of physical therapy (movement) is highly beneficial; in fact, some of the possible benefits are:

                       a. Acceleration of any repairs necessary or strengthening of possible damaged tissue.

                       b. Help in overall recovery, no matter how bad the damage to tissue may be.

                       c. Decreased pain.

                       d. Increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injured area.

                       e. Increased range of motion.


3) Remodeling Phase; On day three you will start to observe the start of the restoration of healthy function to the injured area. This phase is greatly enhanced through the use of physical therapy (movement), and some of the benefits are:


                       a. Restoration of full elasticity and flexibility to muscles and joints.

                       b. Improved blood circulation and oxygenation to the entire body.

                       c. Minimize the development of chronic pain.

                       d. Maintain range of motion.


Within the “New Wave Therapy Standard Protocol” There are also three phases as to how your horse would move through the complete body program.


1) The horse is seen every four to seven days for up to three weeks. At any point during that period of time an evaluation is to be conducted to determine when they would be able to move onto the next level.


2) When that determination is made and the horse is moved to the next level they are to be seen once every two weeks. This level of therapy can last an additional two weeks; once again an evaluation can be made at any time during the second phase of the program that could allow them to move to the third and final phase of the program.


3) The final phase of the program is referred to as the maintenance phase and this is where the horse is seen once a month. Moving onto this phase allows for the horse to retain the ability to perform at their peak ability.



“Our Mission at New Wave Therapy has always revolved around people and their companion animals, they have given us the distinct pleasure to meet, learn from, and allowed into their lives. They started as our clients, became our friends, then our teachers, and finally our mentors. For that we are forever grateful.”




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