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The Good and the Bad of Hoof Care

In the past I spoke of horse owners who wait so long to find good hoof care for their horses until, in many cases, it is too late to do any good.


I suppose this attitude has come from all of the negative information that has been put out into the horse world – words like “natural” and “barefoot” are just a couple of the many buzz words used to create confusion and reservations in people’s minds.

I have been called in to help horses that have been in “natural programs”, some with massive internal damage, and that shows that there are good and bad natural programs and the people who promote them. Let’s face the fact that any program is only as good as the person that is doing the actual work.

Let me also say that there are good and bad farriers, just as there are good and bad hoof trimmers; but it is the responsibility of the horse owner to be educated enough to be able to determine right from wrong and what program is right for their horse. But, like many aspects of our society today people wait and search for someone to tell them what they want to hear, once heard they then decide they have heard the answer that they have been looking for. All of this decision-making process is done with little to no consideration as to how it will affect the horse.


Let me also say that good and bad hoof care professionals have the responsibility to the horse owner to be educated to the point of being able to determine right from wrong.

 Many people who have horses today have to learn that any of these very important decisions aren’t made on what someone want to hear, but they need to understand that decisions are made with a solid educational base to work from.

Just as there are good and bad hoof care professionals there are also good and bad people in other trades and professions – if you have a problem with the repairs done to your car or truck you find a new mechanic, and so on. Except when it comes to making a decision that affects their horse; all I can see is that if it doesn’t affect them personally it becomes “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”!

What are your thoughts?

Until next time. “Ride for the Brand

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