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The Rise of Energy Work With Horses

There have been many articles and books written about working with horses, but in order to be able to properly and effectively work with horses we have to understand how a horse works and working with horses means understanding how the horse thinks; as well as the relationship the horse has with energy work and its effect on the horse.


To understand the rise of energy work as it is being applied to horses you must first be able to realize that there is a certain amount of energy contained within the horse; once that you accept that, you can then start to allow yourself to see the effects and results of such energy to the equine body.


There have been numerous studies over the years that have not only documented but proven that there is a constant flow of energy (electricity) throughout the bodies of all living creatures. Even though each cell can produce electricity most of them are mostly negatively charged and being so makes them inactive. That makes the natural resting state of the cell to be negatively charged and it is due to the fact that there is a slight imbalance between potassium and sodium ions on the inside and the outside of each cell; it is this imbalance is what sets the stage for the creation of electrical energy within each cell.


The regulation of this sodium-potassium imbalance is referred to as the “sodium-potassium gate” and even though it is a rather complex operation it is rather simple to explain. So, when the cell is at rest there are many more potassium ions inside the cell and at the same time, there are fewer sodium ions inside of the cell. Potassium ions are negative so it is said that the inside of the cell is to be negatively charged and since sodium ions are positively charged the outside of the cell is referred to as being positive. Changing the cell from a resting state to a more active state it now makes the cell able to be in a strong enough to be able to generate an electrical charge.


To better explain how this all works and comes together I will use the electricity that we use on a day-to-day basis in our own homes. The electricity (energy) that flows through our homes cannot be seen; the same can be said for the energy that living creatures possess. That same type of energy that is in our homes flows through wires or circuits that are contained within the framework of the house; this framework is the skeletal structure of your home, and it is also known that there are “circuits” that are contained within all living creatures. The Chinese system refers to these circuits within the body as “Meridians” and each meridian has a specific task to accomplish.


In fact, as Chinese medicine teaches us, there are a total of twelve meridians that are contained within living creatures and hereto is the belief that energy that flows through one of the meridians flows through all of the meridians since all meridians are interconnected. Much in the same manner as electricity flows through our homes.


We then look to the situation where a message needs to be sent from one point to another within a body the sodium-potassium gate opens and allows free movement of both sodium and potassium ions (positively and negatively charged ions) allowing them to move about to a destination where they are needed. What then happens is that once the change happens within the cell along with the rapid change that creates an impulse of electricity which will then affect the adjoining cells in a chain reaction activating a nerve and ending with a physical response generated by the nerve.


The true movement of energy throughout the body of the horse is accomplished mostly due to the fact that the horse is a “sensory” animal; meaning it depends mostly on its senses to survive and less on its ability to think it way out of a situation. Here again, research has proven this to be true using brain studies and understanding how the horse not only uses their brain but which areas are the most developed and thus the most used.


The energy practitioners that are successful and are able to see the greatest return from their efforts come from a more complete understanding and acceptance that they are working with energy in horses as well as working with the senses of the same horse. Mainly since the horse will not even try to analyze what is being done with energy work; all they know is that it will either work or it will not. The horse does not understand or even realize there could be a placebo effect since they don’t overthink the situation.


Once that the horse gets to a state where it is retaining too much tension than it would normally, that is the time that a qualified practitioner is needed. The practitioner will allow the horse to start to engage their Parasympathetic Nervous System; allowing sensory nerves to create an eye blink response to start the lick and chewing sensation to ease the dry mouth that has been created by the activation of hormones that start the relaxing process.


Taking the time to allow the horse to reset to this comfort point gives them the ability to become less sensitive to any actions or situations that have activated their condition in the past.


Any thoughts to share?....


Until Next Time …. “Ride for the Brand”





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