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The Single Problem that Causes the Most Harm

Pick a problem with your eating. Not any problem but the biggest problem you have. The single problem that is responsible for the vast majority of damage to your efforts.

This is step two.

It might be eating late at night.

It might be a love of soda or the need to eat all of the ice cream (instead of a single serving).

Or it could be that you just love to overeat. That you’ve mistaken the feeling of being stuffed for being satisfied even though it leaves you feeling sluggish and bloated for hours later.

By picking a single habit and choosing to focus on it, you dramatically increase the likelihood that you will make it permanent.

As I mentioned earlier. Some authors believe you have an 80% chance of success if you try to change a single habit at a time. If you try to change two habits at a time then the odds of success drop to just 20%.

I know you want to change fast but be the tortoise, not the hare.

Look at your diet.

Look at the breakdown of macro-nutrients (the protein, the fat, and the carbohydrates) and see if there is anything that looks out of balance. Maybe you’re eating lots of carbohydrates at every meal?

Are you eating a variety of fruit and vegetables to get your micronutrients?

Focus on one problem.

If you have a vice (a love of sugar perhaps) then remember this isn’t about being perfect it’s about being better. If you know that you have failed to curb your sweet tooth and end your love for sugar in the past then try to gradually phase it out. Replace and then reduce your dependence on time.

If you love soda, you would ideally replace it with water but that might be too much too soon.

Replace it with fruit juice. The next step is to dilute the fruit juice and eventually replace it with water.

If you like sugar in your coffee could cut it out or you could half it.

Then half it again.

Then remove it.

If you eat cereal for breakfast then replace it with oats. Then later, have oats on one day and an omelet on the other. You’ve just gone from having cereal with empty calories (they have no real nutritional value) to good quality carbohydrates to a mix of protein, healthy fats, and even consider adding vegetables by having an omelet with spinach.

As one habit starts to take hold (give it 7 to 21 days) add another and another.

There is more than one way to skin a cat (as the saying goes).

You could start by replacing food groups or you could start by cleaning up one meal at a time.

You could start by improving your breakfast.

When a healthy breakfast becomes a habit, start to work on your lunch or your evening meal.

One step at a time.


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