There is a Science to Eating (and it doesn't include counting calories)

Counting calories was the way to lose weight in years past, but not today. Newest research is now proving to us that the greatest method of diet control lies in the absorption of nutrients.

Nutrients must be the new center of concern due to the fact that they when managed correctly and accurately, can do more to create the "ideal" weight for you. After all, what is right for you may not be right for others. In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all in weight management.

That is why our site is designed around our 6-2-1-1 method of eating to be at your correct weight. So, you may ask, why is this method any different than every other program out there today?

Well, it is rather simple, it is designed around you and what your body needs. It takes into consideration your schedule, what you want to achieve, and what time you have to devote to the 6-2-1-1 method. There is no calorie counting, nutritional evaluations, or even how much time that you have to devote to it. #newwaveoptimumhealth

You just have to check out our program for yourself.

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