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Time for a quick shower

By the time you finish your shower, the rice is nearly cooked you put the chicken break on the grill (put it on whole to save the time of cutting it up and there is less cleaning too) then get your vegetables steaming.

While they are cooking you beat two eggs and chop some spinach before throwing them into a frying pan.

Five minutes later and the rice is cooked, the chicken is almost done and the vegetables are finished.

Put them into their containers (lid open to cool down) and settle down to eat your omelet.

Right now, you are sitting down to a healthy breakfast of protein, fats, and vegetables (a far cry from the milk-soaked carbohydrates eaten by millions every day).

And your lunch, a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables from real food.

What about snacks?

Grab a Greek yogurt and put a handful of nuts into a small container for your mid-morning snack and grab two pieces of fruit for later in the day.

That’s another helping of protein and a handful of healthy fats plus fruit that is packed with micronutrients.

So far you have one portion of vegetables for breakfast, two or three for lunch, and two pieces of fruit (five or your ten daily portions) — not bad!

Like anything worth doing this is an effort but it’s only a hassle if you think it is a hassle.

Just plan, prepare, and benefit from it.

It’s made so much easier when you know in advance what you are going to cook the night before. It means there is no thinking involved. Just get up and start cooking on autopilot.

Plus, it’s a lot better than waking up, rolling out of bed, and going straight to work.

See that extra time in the morning as the quiet time before getting stuck into the rat race and daily grind.

Try to enjoy it.

With experience, this will get easier and easier.

And why not learn to cook at the weekends? Spices, garlic, ginger, chili, or salsa sauces (made from scratch) are great ways to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner a lot more interesting.


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