To Continue With Epona Orthotics

The Orthotic that is used acts as true composite and is best compared to as a second sole of the foot; making it the key to the entire process. It has been created using three different polyurethanes and is designed to work in complete unison with the entire hoof capsule by supporting both the interior and exterior structures at the same time. It even has a built-in frog support that acts in the same as an arch support works in our own shoes. It is the total support of the hoof capsule that allows for complete flexation in all dimensions creating lateral and vertical balance.

The packing that is used has also been created by the Epona Institute in order that it retain the consistency and supportive characteristics that is required for solid and correct support of the entire bottom of the foot. This will then aid in the support of the interior structures at the same time.

The placement of the Epona Orthotic is done in a manner that allows for superior shock absorption; and since it is shock and vibration that constricts blood vessels and restriction of blood flow to all major parts of the foot capsule, this is what leads to heel breakdown along with significant foot and lameness problems.

We have been shown through multiple radiographs that the coffin bone (P3) is constantly adapting to the environment that we create for it. It has also been proven to us that the very same bone has the ability to remodel itself as its environment changes, giving it the ability to morph in both length and width. Through the use of Metron Software, a complete diagnostic tool developed by the Epona Institute, and other technology using Artificial Intelligence, as well as Deep Learning has reinforced our own beliefs that there are many conditions that could have been discovered earlier if we only had the ability to do so. These advancements, that have been made, are now allowing us to help horses that have been classed as chronically lame to once again become useful and productive.

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