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Value vs. Cost (expanded)

In my last post I talked about my customers saying how my services saved them close to $1000 a year in maintenance costs per horse — so let’s look at that savings and how it can be verified.


I did some research and found, at least in my area, when a horse owner calls out a veterinarian for their horse it is, in most cases, for a lameness issue. I have also found that over 70% of the ranch calls that a veterinarian does make is in response to lameness issues — which a good farrier can eliminate with good shoeing practices and save you money!


In order for a farrier to have those good shoeing practices they must have a solid foundation rooted in education, experience and ability and that only comes from time and dedication. Farriers today need much more experience and mentoring then they receive before they are classed as skilled tradesmen. The type of experience and mentoring that they do need comes from day after day guidance that is received in a well-balanced and monitored structured educational program that is present in other trades that have highly qualified personnel.


It has also come to light over the last few years that there is a drastic change in the attitude of veterinarians when it comes to recommending a farrier to their clients. To be quite honest, in what I have seen, you can’t blame the veterinarians fully. After all; the majority of the newer farriers that veterinarians come into contact with don’t have the training or the experience that is necessary to accomplish the high level of skill that is required to meet the goals and needs of the programs set out by the veterinarian.


That one fact alone has created a great rift between the veterinarians and the farriers and is getting worse each year. What is needed is a quality program that is ongoing and has a solid foundation with 3rd party verification that the veterinarian associations can put some trust and faith in, get behind and support.


As in any relationship that has suffered a crisis — one side has to make the first effort and I believe that it is up to the farrier trade to make that first effort and show the veterinarians that they can once again work with and trust the trade.


Your Thoughts ……….


Until next time, “Ride for the Brand”.


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