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Value vs. Cost in a Farrier

I have met many a horse owner that chose a farrier strictly on cost and in most of those same cases I have seen it to be one of the most expensive decisions that horse owner ever made.


When cost is the only deciding factor there are additional side-effects related to that decision start to kick-in. A farrier that determines the quality of their business only on cost is showing the horse industry the confidence and ability that they have in themselves.


Every tradesman values their work at what they feel that it is worth — so you be the judge of their decision, but remember — there are odds that using a cheap farrier also means lesser quality work, less concern for the results received, no follow-up on your horse or even a situation where the horse owner needs to call-in a veterinarian to correct the damage done to the horse. Then there could be the down-time as the horse has to recuperate and the only one who gets hurt here is the horse.


I understand that times are not what they were just a few years ago, but there are some areas within horse care that should not and cannot be scrimped upon. Here is where the value of a quality farrier really shines through. I have been told by my clients that they have been asked by their friends; “Why do you use one of the more expensive farriers in the valley?” The response that they give to that question is; “Bob saves me over $1000 a horse per year since I no longer have to call the vet for foot problems.” These same people have said that a good farrier never cost them money but is a great asset to their horse management program.


In any industry it is a known fact that value in results received for work done is directly related to that individual’s quality of education. So the better the quality of hoof care that you feel your horse deserves, the better the educational foundation the farrier chosen needs to have.

It is true for you and me in every aspect of our lives, so why would it not apply for your horse?


Your thoughts?


Until next time. “Ride for the Brand”.

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