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What does New Wave Therapy do?

What does New Wave Equine Therapy do? That is a question that we are asked by everyone that we talk to; plain and simple is always the best way to answer any question, so here goes.


We increase muscle tone, reduce recovery time, and increase circulation.


The very next question that we are asked is; "How does New Wave Therapy do that?" and to that we say;


“We release traumatized muscles to improve muscle tone which can encourage recovery from injury or muscle atrophy which reduces the pain spiral and assists in detoxification and lymphatic drainage by increasing circulation.”


The best way that we know of to really explain what New Wave Therapy is all about and what it can do for your horse is to explain a bit more in detail with the use of a short story about the entire process.


“If you have horses that seem to have lost some of their response time, are not performing to their greatest capacity, as well as horses that fidget, refuse to stand still, or even one that is constantly mouthing objects; these are all the indications of tension, or contained stress at specific points.

Tension builds within the horse’s body as they work and there are times that the tension that is contained within the body cannot be released by horses themselves; they are in need a guiding hand to help them release that tension. These horses are all candidates for the ‘New Wave Therapy Method’ of body work.


The session starts with a complete ‘Low Level Light Therapy’ protocol that will allow the horse’s entire system to be analyzed and locate areas that might be holding in tension and restricting the ability of the horse to move comfortably and to the best of their ability.

It in the early stages of initial contact that we may introduce our own proprietary essential oil blends to the horse, allowing them the opportunity to choose the one essential oil blend that best suits the horse’s needs at that specific time.


Once that the initial ‘Low Level Light Therapy’ is completed we then integrate the use of ‘Touch and Release” therapy that is accomplished through the specific moves that occur at precise points of the horse’s body, be they acupuncture points, trigger points, or even sights of common injuries.


The horse’s awareness is changed and is encouraged to rebalance not only physically, but emotionally for deep relaxation that allows the horse to tap into its own innate healing ability and to allow it to work to its maximum potential.”


There you have it, that is what New Wave Therapy does, plain and simple.







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