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Why New Wave Therapy Lights?

The answer is quite clear -- we spent a great amount of time looking at the competition; analyzing what they had to offer and what their products cost the consumer -- you the horse owner.


The very first thing that I found was the huge gap between the various brands in price, quality, and features. What this showed me was that there was a need for a therapy torch that combined most, if not all, of the features of existing products contained within the marketplace; and at the same time, do it in a manner that would show a considerable savings to the end consumer -- you the horse owner.


That is when we started to put together the line of Low Level Light Therapy devices that are light emitting diode (LED) based, easy to use, cost effective, and available in different settings to do specific protocols.


In addition to being all of the above the light devices had to be safe for both the person using them and the horse receiving the benefit of light therapy, and since they were to be used around horses that had to be able to take the hand knocks of working in the field, as well as being completely portable. These became the guidelines we used to create our lines of therapy torches.


In our line of therapy torches we have a 660nm (RED) torch that is the most widely used within all light therapy applications. We also have a 425nm (BLUE) torch that is used for skin problems that are fungal in nature, a 530nm (GREEN) torch that aids in emotional problems, and a 850nm (NEAR INFRARED) torch that is used for deeper muscle penetration and other specific uses as well.


All of our therapy lights have multiple modes of power, the beam of light is adjustable, are battery operated, color-coded and to their function, adjusted to specific settings to do specific protocols, have LEDs that are guaranteed for 10,000 hours, have recessed and protected fronts to protect the LEDs from damage, and come with a one-year complete guarantee. We know that once that the light device is used in conjunction with our copywrited protocol manual (a full 125 pages) for both horse and dogs.


Once that we created the manual for both horses and dogs and people started to see the very positive results that we were receiving they started to ask if it would work for them. Our answer has always been YES! That started to process of creating a protocol manual for people (a full 88 pages) covering the most widely used protocols of Red Light Therapy for people. You can use the same lights, receive the same positive results as your horse or your dog, and have it all in one package. It is what we are now calling our “Horse and Rider Program”.


Once that we compiled our line of therapy torches we had to move one more step forward and find a way to make it easy for you, the horse owner, to understand how to use the therapy torches correctly. This we accomplished by creating our copyrighted protocol manual that covers many of the often seen protocol when working with both horse and dogs. This was accomplished in the creation of an easy to understand format that extremely easy to read and follow in a step-by-step manner.


We have also created a YouTube page that has over 200 followers and close to 50 videos on various topics concerning horses and the horse business. We are constantly creating new videos and posting them as soon as they are available on areas of working with both horses and people.


I do hope that I have created some interest in Low Level Light Therapy, especially if you are someone that has not considered the use of this modality in the past, at least check it out and make up your mind for yourself.


Feedback?? Use the form below.


So until next time….”Ride for the Brand






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