Why We Joined the Epona Orthotic Movement

The most important point that initially made us take a good hard look at the "Epona Orthotic Movement" is the fact that it incorporates technology, research, and results.

Secondly, it stresses that the technician needs to constantly adapt, change to the needs of each individual hoof, as well as work in a method that will help to rejuvenate the entire hoof capsule to it healthiest state. In addition, there has been over 14 years of research, development, and success at the "Epona Institute" along with input from DR. Robert Bowker, DVM, PhD, from Michigan State University who is one of the top researchers in the world when it relates to the form and function of the equine foot. This is the man that has changed the way that we look at the equine foot and has brought hoof care into the 21st Century.

That is to say that if a horse were to have a long toe and lowered heels the main bone within the foot, the coffin bone, will elongate and conform to the particular shape of the hoof capsule; which has now become its environment.

Consequently, if the same horse is determined to have a long toe and low heel there would need to be a specific program designed and created to start the reversal process which could cover 3 to 4 shoeing cycles and sometimes even longer. There may be varying levels of soreness as the internal bones that have been affected start the process of reversing and adapting back to a much more normal shape and position.

Proper foot-care is one of the most important points in overall care of your horse. It is a known fact that the average licensed Veterinarian, that is an equine specialist, has to devote close to 70% of their field calls to the aspect of diagnosing and treating lameness issues; as stated by Keven Kegan, DVM, a Missouri State University professor, equine surgeon, researcher, and practicing Veterinarian.

Our next post will continue on this very subject and will explain in greater detail how the "Epona Orthotic" programs is beneficial for your horse.

So, until next time...."Ride for the Brand"

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