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Why We Use Red Light Therapy

The use of Red Light Therapy is a protocol that has been around for some time and has become very well accepted by both human health care and veterinary health care providers; both clinical and alternative in nature.


Red light therapy is used by locating the acupuncture points and administering the correct amount of light directly on specific points to aid in the management of specific problems and or conditions. It is used to manage and aid in such problems as; cuts, scrapes, pain management, emotional stress relief, and physical stress relief just to name a very few. In fact, it is easier to list what red light therapy will not help rather than what it will help.


Along with Red Light Therapy, we chose to integrate thermal imaging (another form of light therapy) into our list of protocols to be able to better relate to our client base and show them, through technology, what we are actually seeing and feeling when working either with them or their animals. It has proven to be a solid program that builds confidence and trust in our client base as well as reinforces what we are explaining to them in relation to any and all problems that we have discovered.


It has been our experience that once we started using thermal imaging on a regular basis; even when we discovered no major problems, it reinforced our position with our client base. It showed us to be open and honest when we were trying to locate a specific problem. In addition, it has allowed us to realize what we could and would not be able to do for that specific situation. There are many times that we refer our clients to other practitioners to handle a problem for which they are more proficient in; that too then builds our relationship within the practitioner community, through referrals to them. This then helps us to receive stronger referrals through both practitioners and clients.


The integration of the two light energy therapies has proven to be a great partnership that has shown tremendous results for our clients and allowed them to manage many different situations without the use of drugs or even having any unnecessary side-effects. They have discovered that both are painless, informative, and easy to understand.


We feel that it is our responsibility to inform and educate our clients as to their health issues in a manner that will make it easy for them to understand, receive the results that they are looking for, and at a price that is affordable allowing them to continue on any protocol that has been set up for them. Results and affordability are two keywords that build a practitioner’s business and we feel that has always been our method of operation.


We would be more than pleased to work with you or your animals and on any problem that you may have at this time. Talking to us costs you nothing. Staying in contact through our website, liking our Facebook page, subscribing to our YouTube Channel, or even texting us; all methods can be found on our website pages at


We are constantly looking for your input……Ant Thoughts?


Until Next Time….”Ride for the Brand”





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