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Your Taste Buds Will Change and Thank You!

To the new converts to Clean Eating this might all sound a little boring.

A little dull.

But that’s because you’ve likely grown up on a diet of processed and packaged food, with artificial flavors, sweeteners, and ingredients.

Processed food covered with processed food-stuff.

With time your tastes will change.

For example, some people drink tea and coffee for the sugar and not for the tea or the coffee.

They’re not drinking these drinks because they like and enjoy them; they’re drinking them out of habit and because of their sugar addictions.

With time you start to realize how all the extra flavors used in processed foods mask the real taste of food and you’ll start to realize how bad these food products make you feel.

You will become more in tune with your body and appreciate how good real food makes you feel, how much better you sleep and how much better you look. And then you will start to feel how bad food products are.


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