Dr. Dean’s newest patch includes compounds that are not found in any other products. This unique patch is treated with Alpha Lipoic Acid along with several essential minerals and homeopathic compounds and activated with specific wavelengths and frequencies to create a powerful bio-electric formula. The effect on the body is to support the immune system and rebalance abnormal electrical changes in the body. This effect creates an immediate response in the body overall and the immune system.


α-Lipoic acid (ALA) has been termed the 'ideal' antioxidant, a readily absorbed and bioavailable compound capable of scavenging a number of free radicals. It has been used for treating diseases in which oxidative stress plays a major role.  The activated form of this compound is placed on this patch and clinical response has been, an immediate change in the immune function. 


Essential minerals are also vital components of the solution applied to the patch.  It is well documented that minerals support all aspects of a healthy body. They are vital to the value of the compound because of their ionic qualities which can hold energetic frequencies. Calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc are the most prominent minerals of the solution.


Homeopathic products have long been used as an alternative healing compound.  Homeopathy is the idea of a small dose of a substance, will trigger a healing response in the body and has been utilized for the last century. Homeopathic tinctures of Gelsemium, Oscillococcinum, Allium cepa are components of the solution applied to the patch.

People with asthma or upper respiratory congestion found in colds or flu, COPD have found an immediate response within five minutes of applying the patch.  Specifically, application of the patch will in most instances create easier breathing with much fuller breaths, less chest tightness and dramatically reduce post nasal drip and cough. COVID symptoms as well!


Applications for the Immune Support Patch would include: asthma, cold, flu, COPD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other conditions with a compromised immune and respiratory system.

Bolt Immune Support Patch

  • The effect on the body is to support the immune system, and rebalance abnormal electrical changes, through an enhanced activated compound. Together they create an immediate, whole-body response targeted to the immune system.