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Each time this formula and routine has been used in the Country Doctor Nutritional Center every client with a urinary tract challenge saw major improvement for their concerns. This includes clients who previously tried a more modern medical approach which had failed them. This approach  works every  time. As with any natural support, other compliance factors must be evaluated.

Urinary tract concerns, incontinence, control of urinary flow, kidney stones, bed wetting, burning urine, frequent urination, infrequent urination, pain with urination, weak bladder or bladder pain are all concerns our clients have had and seen remarkable restoration of normal function with this approach. 100 Capsules.


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  • Proprietary Blend - Juniper Berry, Parsley root, Uva Ursi leaf, Marshmallow root, Gravel root, White Pond lily, Golden Seal root, Pipsissewa herb, Ginger root, and Black Cohosh root. 

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