The Celtic Meadow Hormonal Blend is the same blend that is used on a daily basis by New Wave Therapy in the field and is included in the Blends Collection. It is tried, true, and has been successful for close to six years in our fieldwork. This blend has been proven to be successfully used on both male and female clients that are having hormonal imbalance issues. All Essential Oils used in this blend are 100% Pure Premium Oils.


  • Developed and created by a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner to allow for best results and benefits to aid in the balance hormonal changes in both female and male humans and animals (such as horses or dogs) and aid in reducing the side effects suffered during the monthly cycle
  • Created using only therapeutic grade Essential Oils and high-quality carrier oil to ensure the highest quality and safety as well as made and packaged in the US
  • Safe to use for humans, dogs, or horses through the use of aromatherapy, diffuser, or direct skin contact
  • Packaged in 10ml (1/3 ounce) bottle 

Hormonal Blend Essential Oil

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  • Hormonal Blend: For use to balance hormonal fluctuations or changes in both males and females. Contents are Grapeseed Oil, Yarrow Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, and Marjoram Essential Oil.

    This and all of the Celtic Meadow line of proprietary blended Essential Oils are created using therapeutic grade essential oils and the highest quality carrier oil. Our blends are created at a 2 1/2% factor of Essential Oil to carrier oil; thus making them safe for both skin contact or aromatherapy on humans, horses, or dogs.