Parasite infestation is a fact of life. One garden radish can have over 100 parasite larvae. One cubic inch of beef can have over 1000 parasite larvae waiting to hatch in our bodies. Over 65% of fresh fish tested toxic levels of bacteria and parasite. Chicken is even worse.

Stop and think about it. We take our pets to the local veterinarian for a parasitic cleanse several times a year. The rancher and farmer perform parasite cleanses on their animals several times a year. Take care of your body just as you would take care of a beloved pet…keep both of you parasite free!

We recommend following a parasite cleanse two times a year or four times if you live or work around animals. 

Country Doctor Parasite Cleanse (Tincture)

    • 1 Herbal Perfect ICF#1 (90 capsules)
    • 1 HP Paractive (2 ounce tincture)
    • Cleanse Instructions