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Use HP PANCREAS to unlock the power of your body's natural renewal ability – 90% can rebuild within a year with the right cleansing and nourishment. Country Doctor Herbals introduces a targeted, long-term program to help you overcome adult-onset diabetes and alleviate hypoglycemia worries. Enter HP PANCREAS, an all-natural herbal solution designed to support blood sugar concerns safely, suitable for those with diabetes or hypoglycemia. This product seamlessly integrates with HP SLENDER for enhanced results. Empower your health journey today – choose the natural path to well-being. Try HP PANCREAS and embrace a revitalized you. Take the first step toward a healthier tomorrow! 2 ounce bottle with dropper.


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  • Proprietary Blend - Cedar berry, Gymnema Sylvestre, Goldenseal root, Cinnamon bark, Dulse, Uva Ursi leaf, Licorice root, Mullein leaf & flower, Safflower herb, and Cayenne pepper.

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