NWT Equine/Canine Package with Multi-function Therapy Light

  • Package Includes New Wave Therapy Red Light Therapy device.
    • Light is LED based and set at 660nm.
    • Light has multi-function switch with 5 settings.
      • High, Medium, Low, 1st Flashing Setting, and 2nd Flashing Setting.
    • Light Includes 3 - AAA Alkaline batteries.
  • Included in package is the Practitioner edition of the New Wave Therapy Equine/Canine Protocol Manual.
    • Manual contains 124 pages of information referencing the use and care of the Red Light Therapy device.
    • Manual contains a total of 40 equine specific protocols.
    • Manual contains a total of 35 canine specific protocols.
  • Warranty Policy

    New Wave Performance Therapy, LLC warrants this light therapy device product to be free from defective workmanship and materials and agrees that it will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective product or part thereof with a new or remanufactured equivalent device at no charge to the purchaser for a period of 1 year from the time of purchase, excluding the batteries. Please note that we will not replace products that have stopped working either from physical abuse or normal wear and tear use.

  • Safe Use of Our Devices

    LED light in the Near Infrared (NIR) range has been well researched and is considered safe to use anywhere on the body. It is always best to avoid shining any light directly into the eyes. LED light is considered beneficial to the skin, but it is best to apply for short periods of time at first to determine if your skin has a particular sensitivity. As an example and a general guideline, when starting limit the time to no more than 2 minutes on more sensitive skin areas to ensure there is no reaction.

    LED light is meant to be used directly on the skin. The unit needs to be open to air circulation while in use so that any heat generated is able to dissipate. If the heat isn’t allowed to dissipate, a build-up could occur and cause a burn.

  • Specific Uses for The Red Light Therapy Torch

    The most widely used and our most popular of all our phototherapy lights. Effective for increasing blood flow, pain management, wound and bruise healing, improvements in the texture and feel of the skin. The latest scientific news also demonstrates improved collagen production.

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