Use: provide temporary relief from symptoms of nasal congestion due to colds, allergies and other conditions.  May reduce or eliminate snoring as well.  Use when sleeping, during the day for common congestion, and during exercise to open the nose for better breathing.  Place the strips on the areas of the face most affected by congestion, such as the nose, under the eyes or on the forehead depending on personal congestion. 

Open Up! Nasal Strips

  • Peel the strip from the paper backing and position over the affected areas of the face. When applying strips try not to touch adhesive side of tape. This will allow for the most beneficial adherence to the skin.


    1. Wash the nose and face with soap and water, dry completely.

    2. Center a single strip over the nose, or place a pair of strips on the fronts of the cheeks, centered under each eye. A third possible placement is a strip above each eyebrow.

    3. Press and smooth for a few seconds.

    Place the tape over the most congested areas under the eyes or over the eyes, also over the nose. Use up to 3-4 strips placed directly on the most congested areas as needed.