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Discover the vital role of enzymes – often referred to as the 'spark of life.' These catalysts drive essential biochemical activities in the body, providing energy, supporting tissue repair, stimulating the brain, and aiding digestion. However, as we age past 35, our enzyme reserves decline rapidly. To maintain a healthy digestive system, supplementing with enzymes becomes crucial. Enter CDH S-ZYMES – not just aiding digestion, but amplifying the effectiveness of any Country Doctor Herbal product used for immune challenges. Whether it's viral infections, sports injuries, food allergies, cystic fibrosis, immune disorders, or chronic illnesses, CDH S-ZYMES, with its enzymatic formula, actively combats inflammation by catalyzing millions of biochemical reactions. Take charge of your well-being – try CDH S-ZYMES today and experience a catalytic boost to life. Elevate your health journey now! 60 Capsules.


  • Bromelain; Enzyme blend of Serratiopeptidase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase, and Quercitin. 

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