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Construction worker

Light Therapy Success!

Don Francis

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Light therapy has changed how I view and manage my arthritic pain. Over the last few months, I have progressed to the point that I do have greater mobility.

Outdoor Reading

Light Therapy Success!

Tess Brown

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I was never aware that there was such a thing as scar tissue management. I now have an understanding of working with scar tissue both internally and externally. 

Professional Male

Men's Health Herbal Tincture Success!

Kevin Nye

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Never knew that managing specific health problems for men was so easy to do and that there was no need for me to be embarrassed. 

Young Male

Herbal Tincture & Light Therapy Success!

Andrew Cole

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Started out using the necessary herbal tincture for my problem, and got great results. Then decided to add light therapy with them, Boy was that a success!

Dressage Horse and rider

Equine Therapy Success Story

Amanda & Ebony

The change in Ebony within two sessions was unbelievable, she became much more relaxed, easier to work with, and much more willing to go to work whenever I asked. I feel like the friendship we had before has returned.

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Horseback Riding

Equine Therapy Success Story

Mark & The Professor

I had been working with The Professor for 6 months and it seemed that there was something holding him back from progressing to the next level of achievement. It turned out to be a rather simple problem that he had retained from a previous trainer. We have now gotten past that point and are progressing even faster and stronger than before. Thanks New Wave Therapy!

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Female Office Worker

Specific Herbal Tincture Success!

Ashley Jones

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Using Country Doctor Herbal tincture designed specifically for female problems has changed my life. I have less stress and greater ability to enjoy life.

Athlete Stretching Legs

Light Therapy Success!

Alex Young

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00:00 / 01:14

Being totally "sports minded" has me looking for products that help me in that area. The "Workout" protocol has helped me tremendously. 

Female Entrepreneur

Herbal Tincture Success!

Debbie Green

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I was having many problems with my diet and digestion before starting using Country Doctor Herbals. Since being on them for a few months now I am a new person externally and internally!

Middle Aged Woman

Country Doctor Herbal Product Success!

Lisa Rose

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My first thought was "How can a flashlight help my arthritis?" but I received such relieve from pain is such a short time I was amazed!

Smiling Farmer

Equine Therapy Success Story

James & Doc

I have working horses here on the ranch. We don't show and I never thought such a change in a horse would be possible, but it happened. I had a horse that started to misbehave and working with the folks at New Wave Therapy taught me that an old Cowboy can learn something new.

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Woman with Horse

Equine Therapy Success Story

Jessica & Cinnamon

I have had Cinnamon for over 18 years now and I started to notice that he would start to balk at certain points within the arena, something he had never done before. Got in touch with New Wave Therapy and Cinnamon is his old self again. Thank you New Wave Therapy!

Listen to Jessica's Story
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