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New Wave Equine Therapy

"Inviting Change Rather Than Forcing It"
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Very happy with the results attained on both my horses through Bob's special insight and treatment! My 18-year-old quarter horse had several joint and muscle issues and is now frisky and feeling good. My Rocky Mountain had what I thought were "behavioral issues" and with Bob's help, I found out it was due to her sore back -- no more saddling issues. Thanks, Bob!    Diane S. 

In November of 2018, I was looking for a chiropractor for my horse and I was told to have Bob Burdekin take a look at my horse because he can diagnose issues due to his vast knowledge of horses. Merlot, my horse, was having pain in his back and I had noticed two areas that were raised upon his spine. After Bob checked Merlot over, he told me that Merlot's issues had to do with the way that he was being shod. His hooves were too long on the inside causing the pain in his back and vertebras to be out of place. I had Bob shoe my horse (he had previously been shod one week before and when asked questions of the farrier it was always the horse and not his work that was causing the issues). Needless to say, after Bob finished shoeing Merlot, the spine was back in place and his back was no longer sore. At that time Bob talked about his light therapy and I decided to try it; the light therapy along with his body works using pressure points, has helped Merlot tremendously. It has been a long road to getting his feet where they need to be, but it takes a long time if a horse has not been shod properly for a while. I can truly say that his feet look awesome and look the way horses feet should. Bob used the green light and Essential Oil Blends that Merlot almost fell asleep while Bob worked on his feet. I have never seen my horse fall asleep while he is being shod.

The bodywork and light therapy have helped tremendously in areas where Merlot had old injuries that inhibited his range of motion. In fact, there was a deep scar on his right rear where he was kicked by a mare when he was a three-year-old that severed the muscle. Due to proper shoeing, light therapy, and bodywork, the muscles are finally filling in at that area. Merlot is 22 years old and I have been working with this horse for the past 12 years and this is the first time that the scar has started to fill in and disappear. Other old injuries are no longer an issue as the bodywork and light therapy are helping him move easier and has corrected areas that have held in tension and created better range of motion.

Merlot is enjoying being ridden and is moving quite remarkably for a 22-year-old gelding. I feel the continued use of light therapy and bodywork will continue to improve Merlot's performance. I love the non-invasive procedures that Merlot enjoys and he actually looks forward to every time he sees Bob and Bertha approach him. I think that it is awesome that my horse can actually communicate his happiness when Bob and Bertha are working on him to help him feel better. He loves them as I do!       Diane E.

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