"Inviting Change Rather Than Forcing It"
"Reinforcing What Destiny Helped to  Create"

Cynthia and Ice

My young horse Ice became lame and after a veterinarian appointment, it was determined that he was not shod correctly. By chance, I was introduced to Bob who within two shoeings had Ice sound and Bob has kept him sound from then on. Not only is Bob extremely knowledgeable as a farrier, but he is also gentle, kind, and has a deep understanding of horses generally.  Also, as a young horse being started under saddle, Ice was under new stresses, using his body in new ways and building new muscles.  Bob’s light therapy and energy work has been amazing in helping Ice to remain comfortable and performing while his body changes.  It is amazing to watch how much Ice enjoys Bob’s sessions.      Cynthia L.

Diane and Gypsy

What People Are Saying
"Inviting Change Rather Than Forcing It"

Very happy with results attained on both my horses by Bob's special insight and treatment! My 18 yr old quarter horse had several joint and muscle issues and is now frisky and feeling good. My Rocky Mountain had what I thought was "behavioral issues" and with Bob's help, found out it was due to her sore back -- no more saddling issues. Thanks, Bob!    Diane S. 

Diane and Lacey

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Diane and Merlot

The bodywork and light therapy have helped tremendously in areas where Merlot had old injuries that inhibited his range of motion. In fact, there was a deep scar on his right rear where he was kicked by a mare when he was a three-year-old that severed the muscle. Due to proper shoeing, light therapy, and bodywork, the muscles are finally filling in at that area. Merlot is 22 years old and I have been working with this horse for the past 12 years and this is the first time that the scar has started to fill in and disappear. Other old injuries are no longer an issue as the bodywork and light therapy are helping him move easier and have corrected areas that have held in tension and created a better range of motion.     Diane E.

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