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Take Charge of Your Optimum Health

Through Prevention and Maintenance

Light Therapy Items

  • All of these Low-Level Light Therapy items are LED-based.

  • Have been used for over five years in the field and clinical situations with extremely positive results.

  • Our specialized protocol manuals have been referred to as some of the most complete and comprehensive available today.

  • We cover Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light, and Near-infrared Light Technology within our units and our manuals.

  • All researched and developed by a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner.

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Essential Oils & Blends

  • All of the Essential Oils and blends that we offer on our site are our own brand, "Celtic Meadow".

  • We have been using and promoting for over five years; these oils are all 100% Pure Premium oils.

  • Specialized blends created by a Holistic Health Practitioner.

6-2-1-1 Nutritional Program

  • The 6-2-1-1 Nutritional Program is a program that helps to guide you to the correct method that is right for your body.

  • It promotes how you can safely and on your own become much more healthy without the need for prescription drugs. 

  • It fits into your lifestyle, no matter what it may be.

  • There are recipes and dedicated downloads that will help you along the way.

  • Developed by professionals in the nutrition and culinary fields.

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My stomach pain is almost completely gone and there have been some other positive side effects as well. I may never be a ‘health nut,’ but I can definitely say my health habits have and will continue to improve.