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If you have been exposed to any known toxic substance, have constipation, have eaten animal foods most of your life or drink alcohol or other harmful beverages, this product is for you.  If you deal with high cholesterol, blood fats, gallstones or have a family history of liver or gallbladder problems, this product is for you.  Many believe everyone who has cancer or any immune dysfunction has a weak congested liver.  If you’ve ever been on prescription drugs or used a lot of over the counter drugs, I can assure you that your liver needs attention!  Even if a person has had their gallbladder removed this product will be effective in supporting  the liver and bile ducts. 100 Capsules.


  • Proprietary Blend - Milk Thistle seed, Barbary root, Wild Yam root, Cramp bark, Dandelion root, Ginger root, Artichoke leaf, Schizandra berry, Golden Seal root, Fennel seed, Catnip leaf & flower, and Peppermint leaf.

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