This product, based on an ancient East Indian digestive formula, has numerous natural health benefits. It supports the entire digestive process, especially the stomach, and first stages of digestion.  This product supports normal function relating to the blood, skin, liver and gallbladder. Acting as a mild diuretic and disinfectant to the kidneys, bladder and lymphatic system, it is the perfect companion product with the HP Liver/Gallbladder Flush and HP Lymph Detox. 2 ounce size.


  • Proprietary Blend - Dandelion root, Cassia cinnamon, Cardamon seed, Licorice root, Juniper berry, Ginger root, Clove bud, Black Peppercorn, Uva Ursi leaf, Burdock root, Pau d’Arco bark, Fennel seed, Horsetail grass, Parsley leaf, Orange peel, Citrus Sinensis, and Stevia herb.