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Optimize your urinary tract health with the dynamic duo – HP K/B and HP KIDNEY BLADDER. This synergistic herbal combination is specifically formulated to work on the entire urinary tract, supporting normal function, addressing stones and calculi concerns, and promoting overall healing. Together, they create a powerful alliance against immune challenges, fostering a healthy urinary tract. When used in tandem, HP K/B and HP KIDNEY BLADDER work harmoniously to facilitate the normal removal and cleansing of toxic by-products that may have accumulated in your system. Prioritize your urinary well-being – incorporate this dynamic duo into your routine and take a proactive step towards a healthier, more balanced you. Try them today and invest in your urinary tract health. Your journey to optimal well-being starts now! 2 ounce bottle with dropper.


  • Proprietary Blend - Juniper berry, Uva Ursi leaf, Dandelion leaf, Corn Silk, Parsley root, Horsetail grass, Goldenseal, Hydrangea root, Gravel root, Marshmallow root, Orange peel, Peppermint leaf, Fennel seed, and Stevia herb.

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