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Discover balance with WATER AWAY – a formulation designed to support the body's natural fluid excretion process. Recognizing that the human body is predominantly water, we've all experienced moments when water retention leaves us feeling swollen, uncomfortable, and ready to burst. Whether it's part of the normal cycle, like during menstruation, or a response to hot and humid weather, excess water retention can be a challenge. WATER AWAY is a unique blend of potassium and herbs, drawing from a rich history spanning thousands of years. The ultimate goal of this special formula is to bring balance, ensuring your comfort and assisting your body in maintaining proper water balance. Prioritize your well-being – embrace the balance with WATER AWAY. Incorporate it into your routine and take a step towards a more comfortable, balanced you. Try it today and invest in your journey to optimal health. Your path to balance starts now! 90 Capsules.


  • Potassium 33mg, uva ursi leaf 4:1 extract 120mg, juniper berry 20:1 extract 60mg, Buchanan leaf 4:1 extract 30mg, black radish root 30mg, parsley leaf 30mg, asparagus root 5:1 20mg, Other Ingredients;  Cellulose, maltodextrin, acacia, organic rice extract, and organic rice concentrate. NO soy, salt, yeast, gluten, milk & egg products, sugar.

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